Comparing 2008-9 with today using MLS Stats
I thought it would be a good idea to compare our present state with 2008-9 just to give you a better idea of some market trends and what to expect around the corner.
 2016 is very comparable to 2008-9.  I wanted to let you know why statistically speaking:
For those of you in the Fort St. John, BC real estate business in 2009, you might remember that July - 08 things looked quite rosey with 81 sales in FSJ, well last July we had 68 only 13 off , but still pretty good.
From there the comparison gets tighter, Aug 08- with 61 Sales and Aug 15 with 50 Sales, 11 off.
It tightens up even more with Sep 08 at 54 Sales and Sep 15 at 48 Sales only 8 off.
But look at this, October 08 with 46 Sales compared to Oct 15 with 46 Sales Dead Heat.
Nov 08 compared to Nov 15 was 33 to 22 respectively
Dec 08 compared to Dec 15 was 15 to 31 respectively (Nov and Dec 08 average to 24 ea month and Nov and Dec 15 average out to 26.5 each month)
Jan 08 rang in 14 Sales and Jan 15 rang in 12 thats only 2 off and the pattern is developing
February 08 is 27 Sales February 15 is 26 Sales.
Averaged out its pretty darn close.
When I look back and compare all the years since 2000 it's extremely interested to see the highs and lows that we tend to blend altogether.
On the positive side May, June and July were good sale months in 2009 as I think we will find a similar pattern this year with buyer taking advantage of opportunities present in our market that haven't been for 6 or 7 years.
Our highest sales year ever was 2014 which was the only year to beat 2006 .. 
The media is grim as it was in 2009, oil was valued similar to it is now, the US had entered its second year of recession in 2009, there was no LNG at the federal level in 2009 like now, and site C was just starting the discussions with communities in 2009, not hiring like now.
Here we find ourselves in this position again of negative media, job cuts and losses as we did then ... But we have more things to be positive about than ever.... And things will showing signs of recovery are here already, in fact oil has a hell of a lot more room to go up than it has to go down.
So from here on in, things are going to get better, and I just had to break the good news.