The following testimonials were written by just some of my happy sellers and buyers. They have all been kind enough to give me permission to show you their correspondence. Their letters and words are very gratifying. It seems that my down-to-earth and honest approach has earned me many friends - I think that's fantastic!

My husband and I are very happy with the service John provided


From the day we met him, he never stopped working for us , he listended to what we wanted and tried to find us houses accordingly.


He was very quick and effecient with the paperwork. He went through everthing with us. Step by Step.


He used our time together effectively he didint bother showing us annything that would waste our time.


He was always keeping us up to date with everything as we were going through 


We would definately recommend him.


-John and Jennifer Cox

We'd like to thank John for the excellent attention he paid to us in selecting a house. He showed us valuable comparisons that helped us negotiate a fair price for the house and backed up our offer with valuble data. We love our house and highly recommend anyone thinking of buying a house to call John.


-Robert & Colleen Arthurs

When John took over our listing it had expired with another agent. He recommended that we list it over $20,000 higher than what it just expired at. He sold shortly after for $30,000 higher than the expired price by another realtor. Good job John!


-Neil and Diane Widdicombe